Bible Ministry Recordings

This website contains a list of available sound recordings of Bible teaching.  The recordings were made at Plymouth Brethren meetings and conferences over the last 40 years.  There are several Christian groups that grew out of what began in Plymouth England in the 1820's. These recordings are of one group that does not want to take an identifying name but simply seek to gather to Christ alone. Also on this site you will find many recordings that you can listen to online or download.  There is also a section of audio books that can be downloaded.

Any recording that is available in a MP3 CD is also available in a USB Flash Drive format for $10.


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Recent MP3 File Additions

  • John Blackburn - 89 recordings mostly of Prophecy
  • John Blackburn - 58 more recordings have been added
  • Daniel Paterson - Addition 90 recordings added
  • Sunday School Choruses
  • JC Brett - Added 70 recordings
  • Eastern Bible Confenence at Grove City 2019 - Five Resurrection Scenes of Christ
  • Message of Grace and Truth in English 52 radio programs (listed under 'Speakers')
  • Mahwah 21 - Human Government and the Believer
  • Kankakee 21 - Characteristics of the Perfect Servant in Mark
  • George Davison - Added 122 recordings
  • Frank Wallace - Added 260 recordings
  • Philadelphia Conference 2021 - 1Peter 4
  • J King Thomson - Added 56 recordings
  • FB Hole - Added 19 recordings
  • Percy Pickering - Added 52 recordings
  • Wayne Conference 2021 - Intimate Experiences with Christ (Peter, James and John)
  • Roselle Conference 2021 - Faith and Holiness
  • Mahwah Conference 2022 - The Victorious Christian Life Romans 8
  • Roselle Conference 2022 - The Church of God (Body of Christ, House of God, Bride of Christ)
  • Norfolk (Portsmouth) Conference 2022 - The Church Eph. 2 - 3
  • Bluefield Conference 2022 - Dare to be a Daniel- Daniel 1-3, 6